Dr. Sutanu Mangal

Dr. Sutanu Mangal


    Dr. S. Mangal completed his PhD degree from IIT Kharagpur in 2011. During his doctoral studies, he was awarded the EU Fellowship by the Ministry of University, Government of Italy. Subsequently, in 2011, he joined KIIT as an assistant professor in the Department of Physics. He further pursued his post-doctoral research at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. With a total of 11 years of academic experience and 15 years of research experience, Dr. S. Mangal specializes in the field of experimental condensed matter physics, semiconductor science, and technology.

    Presently, his research team is focused on thin film photovoltaics, specifically in the realm of halide-based perovskite solar cells. The group's primary research topic involves exploring the stability and high efficiency of thin film-based perovskite solar cells. This investigation encompasses theoretical studies, simulations, as well as experimental approaches.

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